More Than Just a Survivor

Meeting Mikaya and M’Tima reminded me of just how much of a living example parents are to their child and how they are programmed to follow suit. As their mother’s story unfolded, I was very sure that these two girls would grow up with the same warrior spirit as their mother, who was proudly wearing a shirt that said ‘CONQUEROR’ rather than ‘Survivor.’
Mikaya was full of energy and M’Tima was obviously the more mature older sister. What they had experienced, though, in watching their mother battle not one, but two terrifying diseases gave these girls a different frame of reference than most children.
Their reality? These girls had witnessed just how much time Mommy was spending kept away in her bedroom, resting, healing.

After only being in Arizona for such a short time and being struck with yet another diagnosis, they had never fully had the chance to move in

and settle, so Mommy’s room was not quite decorated or made into the resting place that she really needed.
Brenda’s bright spirit was exuded through her two girls as they sat and told us about how much this wish meant for them and their Mommy.

THEIR WISH: “This past year has been hard for us, my parents have a lot of hospital bills. It would be nice to use the money to decorate mom’s room, or help on the bills.”
October of 2013 (our first wish granting!) we granted Mikaya and M’Tima’s wish for their Mommy by presenting them with a $500 check to help make their wish come true!