6 Years Solid, What Now?

In the last 6 years running the Wishing for Mommy campaign, we've been overwhelmed by the support from the martial arts community, specifically, from ATA schools all across the nation.

After reviewing our strengths and shortcomings as a small organization, we've decided that in order to maximize our potential in fundraising for grants, it was time for a change.

Some of our loyal participants have been waiting to hear what exactly this change might be as the 2019 season draws closer and closer, and as of Monday, June 10th, we're excited to announce that the Pink Belt Revolution is no longer just inclusive of Pink Belts.

You read that right, we're no longer shipping out pink belts.

Yep, read it again... pink belts are out!

Okay, well, not exactly. We've launched something even better this year- CAMO pink belts! Imagine your traditional ATA Camo intermediate ranking belt but in PINK! It's revolutionary, it's cool, it's new, it's exciting, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do.

This change gives those who have participated with us for 6 years the opportunity to contribute to the fundraiser in a new way, by buying a new belt to add to their collection. We will still be selling belt patches for those that would prefer to keep their old solid pink belt and continue adding patches to it; however, we will not be selling any more solid pink belts as of this season.

Prices for the belts will remain the same; $20 and can be purchased through a participating ATA school.

Belt orders are being taken now all the way up until October when Breast Cancer Awareness month and Founder's Month for the ATA take place.

Click HERE to place your order now.