Changes in 2019

We've Made Some Changes This Year!

5 Important Updates to our Campaign:

  1. The age restriction for wish applications has been changed to ages 18 and under rather than 3-18. Young children can now draw a picture rather than making a formal written wish.
  2. The Medical Eligibility Form requirement for wish applications has been lifted and we are now accepting various kinds of medical documentation that mommies might already have on hand for the application to ease the process.
  3. ATA Martial Arts School Owners: The ATA has decided that Leadership points are being designated to 4th degrees and above this year for participation in this fundraiser. (1) from each participating school will receive 10 points. Owners need to let us know who their recipient should be.
  4. ATA schools with college-bound students wishing to receive a scholarship from the ATA's HU Lee Memorial Foundation must also have participated in the Pink Belt Revolution the prior fundraising year to qualify their students for access to HULF funds.
  5. The payment deadline to return fundraising proceeds to Wishing for Mommy is now December 1st rather than December 31st so that all wishes can be granted by Christmas.
Stay tuned for more updates from our team as fundraising begins!