Courageous Noah

MEET: Noah Hendry, age 17
Gilbert, Arizona

I still remember sitting in the living room of the Hendry family. It was the week of Christmas and I could feel the warmth in their home. Not the kind of warmth coming from a fireplace or an overabundance of lights, but the kind of warmth you feel when you know there’s love to be found in a place. I will never forget Noah. He was tall and had some kind of brightness in his eyes, and as he read his Wish aloud for us all to hear, he kept his composure and articulated each sentence so clearly. I was so impressed that this 17-year old boy who could have had so many other things on his mind like girls, video games, or any other woes from high school, was very clearly focused on supporting his mother. He, his sister, and his father sat right there on the couch with us all just as proud of him for making this wish.

HIS WISH: “We all love my mom so much and we just want her to be her happiest and healthiest and since we all think she is beautiful bald and without any brows or lashes, we want her to feel the same way as well. She is already beautiful, but feeling beautiful would make everyone happy, especially her.”

December 2013 we presented Noah with a $500 check to help him make his wish for his Mommy come true so that she could have her “girls’ day” and her makeover, but I have a feeling that so much more happened in this family as a result of the display of courage that he displayed in reaching out to us. Way to go, Noah, and best wishes always to Vicki and her beautiful family.

Wishing For Mommy