And this time, with Camo-Black!

7/27/21 Update: Yep, we're back!

LAST YEAR: Last year due to restrictions and hardships with COVID, we made some adjustments to allow for DIY Fundraising Kits where Wishing for Mommy did not provide marketing or administrative help and was not involved in grant-giving or receiving of funds from belt sales. Belts were sold 'at-cost' out of our inventory and the rest of the process was left in the hands of those doing the fundraising.

THIS YEAR: We've recovered and are ready to once again process grant applications and distribute funds to those kiddos and mamas who've waited out the storm. This is only possible through fundraising efforts by you awesome supporters, and we are back ready to support you and back to operating the campaign just like we had prior to 2020 so let's get some pink belts shipped out and start the pink frenzy once again!

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