What is Wishing for Mommy?

Hosted by Dignity Kids, Inc. a nonprofit organization based out of Arizona, the Wishing for Mommy initiative aims to empower children in being able to write out their feelings while they are experiencing a [typically] difficult time within their household. In order to apply for a Wishing for Mommy grant, the child is required to write out a one-page story of what their wish is for their mommy (what they would do for her to help her through her battle with breast cancer if they were given the money to do so) since often a child feels like they are “just a kid” and can’t do much to help.

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What is Dignity Kids?

Dignity Kids Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based out of Arizona that first launched the Pink Belt Revolution in 2013. Aside from this campaign, throughout the year Dignity Kids has hundreds of volunteer educators and currently provides interactive learning programs to school districts throughout the United States.

Dignity Kids Inc. is dedicated to inspiring and empowering families, schools, and the community to live healthy, active, lives. Through classroom presentations, school assemblies and martial arts, Dignity Kids Inc. promotes the importance of health and fitness and educates children on the importance of pursuing a career in the STEM field, or simply furthering their education on a STEM-related topic. Click here to learn more about Dignity Kids.

Meet the Team

We are small, but mighty with support from the ATA, local volunteers and our favorite UPS driver, of course.


Michelle Landgren Lee


Michelle owns 10 martial arts schools in Arizona and has a 10-year old daughter. She is an experienced skydiver and loves the outdoors. She  spends her extra time working on mosaics and teaching kickboxing classes in Tempe.


Camille Priest


Camille handles our marketing and communications and has been a part of Dignity Kids for the last 6 years. She is also an American Sign Language Interpreter and enjoys spending her time as an ally and advocate for the Deaf community.

Megan Parks Headshot

Megan Parks

Pink Belt Guru

Megan is new to our team this year and the mission of Wishing for Mommy is very personal to her and her family. She enjoys crafting, music, decorating her office desk for Halloween (you should see it!) and is a lover of martial arts as well. Welcome to the team, Megan!